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Welcome to the Diplodocus, video production of an incredibly high definition!
We providing all the visual content-related services. Creative, filming, editing, and post-production. Basically everything but an actual dinosaur.
Woof-woof! I’m Laila, Roman’s Welsh Corgi. I’m always somewhere nearby. Once you see me, I bet you shortly meet the rest of Diplodocus team
Hi, I’m Roman. I’m a musician and producer. For over 20 years I’m making successful projects in music industry, TV and advertising. I have expertise in making any scale project work smoothly, at no time and minimum costs
Hey, I’m Michael - co-founder of Diplodocus. I’m a film director, editor and producer. Way before YouTube became an industry standard, I already have started to create digital media content
Hello, world! I’m Diplodocus - the biggest and the kindest dinosaur. On top of that, I’m a totem of our team. By the way, did you know that perfectly exposed image on histogram looks like me standing sideways?
Hi, I’m Vera. I’m a graphic designer and co-founder of Diplodocus. I studied information design and mastered visualisation techniques at one of the major media companies in Russia. I believe that even most complex information should be presented in a clear and attractive manner
Hi! My name is Liora. I’m administrative and legal assistant on Diplodocus. Also, I do promotion for international festivals and competitions. Soon you will hear about us on Cannes Film Festival! =)
I always want to speak whit you the same language, so I already learned 5

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