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Welcome to Sarine Lab

The Challenges:
1) To design a dynamic visual image based on the company’s identity (welcome video)
2) To make a corporate film for the 30th anniversary of the company

The Media Channels:
1) Different screen layouts for the company exhibition booth that were placed based on zone specific features and direction of audience flow
2) Social media networks
3) Company website

The Process:

Sarine technology company is analyzing rough diamonds and provides the best cut model.
To visualize this competence of the company we used a schematic image of a diamond, that was placed inside the rough diamond.

In order to ensure an accurate rotational dynamics of the diamond that is placed in a three-dimensional environment, 359 photographs of a real stone were taken. A natural diamond was fixed on a rotating horizontal surface.
Then we put a sequence of images in a 3D environment and emulated a full three-axis rotation using a random oscillation algorithm.
At the same time, we created a three-dimensional model of a cut diamond to use its lines denoting faces. The last step was to combine the images, add some beautiful glow and place the diamond in a space environment

The video is looped, the length of each loop is 10 seconds.
The video is customized to various layouts: long horizontal screens, left-directed and right-directed panels, social media networks and the company's official website

Customer: Sarine
Project managers: Romy Gakh, Yaara Cohen Stopper
Editing and Post: Michael Veksel
Designer: Vera Veksel