Music Videos

Diamond Day

One day we woke up at four in the morning and drove to the Dead Sea.   diplodocus.production direction — Vera Vexel and Michael Veksel dop — Ruslan Yudovsky landscape camera — Roland Dorje clothes — MAYA BASH shop makeup — Natasha Kaichuk executive producer — Roma Kovgan technical support — Alex Izmalkov and Denis […]

SubOrchestra — Rain

New track from rainy Saint Petersburg

Hot Bakery in the new music video

Tel-Aviv — New-York — Moscow synergy. This video for Russian band “Nogu Svelo!” was shot in the US and edited in Israel. An international affair that could only take place in our post-cold-war era.  

Rock factory

Music and Lyrics Yury Bogatenkov Producer Roman Gribanov Director Michael Veksel Cast: Alexandr Samoylenko, Yury Bogatenkov, Andy Grimberg, Igor Kayumov, Garry Ananasov, Yury Knyazev, Michael Adimov, boys choir conducted by Vladimir Osherov Production: Michael Veksel, Evgeniya Akimchenkova, Dima Maly, Slava Motov, Teymur Halikov

Games With Fire

One of our favorite works. This video is a great example of visual storytelling possibilities with the minimal amount of sources.